Important Notices and Updates

In order to help with communication of information previously provided via pulpit announcement, website, E-Newsletter or app notices, we will try our best to place any important notices, updates or changes to any current event, or information that needs to be addressed, here on this page.

Please check for the most updated information to previous notices below (date of update will always be noted).

TO RSVP or Sign-up for an event, class, or seminar go to:


  • Notice: We have begun a parish-wide census and need your help. We have switched to a new Diocesan wide database program and our new system has lots of great features to help us with this. We will be making announcements of how to participate as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience and cooperation while we continue to improve our program and member communications.

If you are not yet a registered member, please use our online form to join the parish, or stop by our reception desk during the week (hours: Monday-Friday, 10am to 3pm) and we will be happy to assist you.

Blessings to all!