of Holy Faith Catholic Church


That everyone come to know, love and serve God

in union with Christ Jesus and his Spirit-filled Catholic Church.


We do this with the help of the Holy Spirit and the love of God the Father by welcoming others,
to Christ’s teaching, worshiping with him and his Catholic Church,
walking in the Spirit, and doing the work of Christ to help and serve others.



To build together a community of compassion in Christ.
  1. Christ Jesus is our life and has the key to a meaning filled life and we seek to bring others to share in his life. He is our Love, our Justice, our Peace, our Beauty, our Joy.
  2. We are a Catholic Parish in union with Rome and all that this means.
  3. The life of Christ is not separated from his Church. We depend upon the help of the Holy Spirit in our lives and community. All is to be centered in God’s love for each and every person.
  4. There are primarily five essential dynamics of Christian and Catholic life, actions of Christ and the Holy Spirit, that we and all churches identify with:
    • Welcoming others as He does (parish hospitality and community building)
    • Witnessing to Christ’s teaching (inter-generational religious education and Faith formation)
    • Worshiping with Christ and His Church (in Word and Sacrament in the Catholic Church’s public worship which is the Liturgy)
    • Walking in the Spirit (Spirit inspired Christian prayer, meditation, and devotion)
    • Work of Christ (serving others, especially the poor and marginal of our society)

In our parish vision, all that we do seeks to bring the compassion of Christ,
which we have experienced, to building together a community of compassion in Christ.

The Sacred Heart of Jesus has particular significance to us in making this vision a reality in Christ.