Catholic Youth Ministry

The mission of the youth ministry at Holy Faith is to empower youth to love and serve Jesus Christ and the Church. The youth ministry program provides opportunities for young Catholics to participate fully in the life of the Church, which includes formation through experiences, lessons and service projects, many of which focus on Catholic Social Teaching and Community Outreach.

It is the goal of Holy Faith to provide a safe and positive place where teens can come and experience the love of Christ. The teenagers that meet at youth group meetings and activities are at many varying levels of faith. Not every session will meet everyone’s needs, however, those who participate on a regular basis come to know that when they are hurt, in need, or have questions, they can easily find our Youth Minister or one of the other youth leaders for guidance on how to handle the situations in a Christian manner. It is important to be here for our youth especially when a youth finds themselves in a situation that seems to be in opposition to our faith and they need to talk to someone who will help them to understand the truth. It doesn’t mean that everyone who attends youth group will always make wise decisions or that they can be “fixed” so that they do not make mistakes, but a positive youth ministry program does help to lay out a foundation of trust in God that will always lead them back to the Church. Meeting these teens with the compassionate love of Christ is what will always encourage their journey of faith. This is the philosophy of the Catholic Youth Ministry program at Holy Faith.

Our Youth Minister, Tianna Rosario-McCabe, has been the youth minister at Holy Faith since 2006 and runs the youth program using these guiding principles in everything she plans for the youth. Youth group is for students from 8th to 12th grade and the focus is on strengthening and growing the faith of the young church. Youth group meets on scheduled Sundays during the school year from 4pm to 5:30pm in the Parish Life Center Youth Room.

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CYM 2019-2020 Schedule of Meetings and Events

TiAnna can be reached at 352-376-5405 ext 108 or E-Mail.