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Trained parishioners who will pray for other parishioners requesting prayer after Mass.

Time: 2 hours for training; and then 1+ hour once a month after a Mass.

Talent: Gift for praying with others and confidentiality.

Washing and ironing of all altar linens, as well as other duties.

Time: 1 – 3 hours a month.

Talent: Reverence and the willingness to wash and iron altar cloths, purificators and other linens according to instructions.

Young as well as older parishioners who assist the priest at Mass.

Time: Arrive 15 minutes before Mass time; initial and ongoing training provided.

Talent: Desire to participate and to help priest during Mass.

The Angels are parishioners committed to helping the sick and physically challenged in nursing homes, or homebound within our parish family, with visits, meals, and occasional “handy-man” needs.

Time: Meet on the last Tuesday of each month at 7:00pm in the conference room of the Ministry Center. The average time commitment required is approximately two hours or less per week. Their motto is: “Many Wings Make Light Work”. All interested parishioners are welcome to attend the meetings and join this ministry of compassion.

Talent: A heart full of gratitude and compassion for the elderly, sick and the homebound.

Treasure: Cost of meal if serving others a meal.

Preparation is required of parents who will present their children for Baptism.

Time: 2 hour class for parents generally held Saturdays.

Talent: Desire of the Catholic parent(s) to practice our Catholic faith and raise the child as Catholic.

Troop #307 is sponsored at Holy Faith and meets on Mondays at 7:30pm.

Time: 1 weekly meeting plus camp-outs and service.

Talent: Leadership, organization and enthusiasm.

Treasure: Yearly fee plus camp-out fees.

Maintaining our beautiful grounds and buildings requires constant upkeep. Our facilities coordinator, Claude Marsh, is responsible for recruiting and scheduling volunteers to help with various maintenance and repair projects.

Time: As needed basis.

Talent: Handy with Hand & Power tools. Handyman type of person with some knowledge of either carpentry, painting, plumbing or electrical fixtures. Also general yard cleanup, brush, limbs, etc

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