UPDATE: June 1 2022: Our Parish Lenten Retreat “The Search” was an excellent series enjoyed by many.  Stay tuned for comments from some of the participants to be posted here soon. We look forward to sharing this Retreat with our Holy Faith family. 

Click the word “Search” to read the brochure … Holy Faith Parish Introduces: Formed and The “SEARCH ” We plan to have another showing in the future. 

Read about Formed in the brochure and then sign up for a wealth of Catholic content. To sign up for your free subscription to formed, click on graphic. Be sure to look for our parish name to sign up for free.  After signing-up you can view the promo video here and anything in the platform that calls your attention: PROMO

Why should you join us for “The Search”?

  1. The question is Why Not?
  2. Is God calling you to seek him out again?
  3. Get answers to some of the basic questions about life …
  4. It’s always a good time to renew, refresh, and reset your faith!

The below Lenten Journey from Lent 2021 is still available and can be accessed anytime of the year. You will be taken to the E-Newsletter that has the complete study by clicking on any of the links below.  The Introduction link is audio only and also included under the other links.


Introduction Audio: 

             RETREAT PAGE

         *Retreat began the First week of Lent 2021, but can be done anytime and is a wonderful way to enhance your faith life.  You can do this retreat individually and whenever you can. Below we have included the complete study.

A God Who Questions: Complete Access-