Small Christian Communities

What are Small Christian Communities?

It was Jesus who invited his disciples into community, where they were formed in His way of discipleship.  After His death and resurrection, Christians prayed together and broke bread as they were instructed by the Lord, and in doing so, shared their lives and sustenance.  They supported one another by living the values that Jesus taught them.  This was the early communitarianism character of the early Church.

It is in ongoing Small Christian Communities that people are especially helped to know and to relate to one another, reflect on their life of faith in the company of others, and strive to apply the Gospel to daily life.

Five essential signs of communal life are emphasized within the Small Christian Community:

  1. Sharing freely about God and about life’s experiences, and reflecting on these under the light of Scripture and tradition
  2. Learning continually about Scripture, tradition, Church Doctrine, and spirituality.
  3. Mutual support within the Small Christian Community provides the needed encouragement of others who share in their belief in God.
  4. Prayer life, both personal and communal, is shared within the Small Christian Community setting.
  5. Mission oriented towards living out the values of Christ, which are discussed within the Small Christian Community setting.
Small Christian Communities at Holy Faith Parish

Our Small Christian Communities are involved in the study of Scripture, prayer, and the Sunday Gospels.  Groups often choose to participate in additional seasonal topics, especially during Advent and Lent.

The groups vary in demographics, group sizes, frequency of meetings, and topics of study.

For more information about our Small Christian Communities, please contact Letty Valentin, at email: SCC info or call the Holy Faith Parish office: (352) 376-5405, ext. 108.

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