Parish Staff Directory

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Pastor: Fr. Jose Kulathinal, C.M.I.

Fr. Jose Kulathinal, C.M.I.      352-376-5405 ext. 113      Email

Parochial Vicar: Fr. Mike Elias

Fr. Mike Elias     352-376-5405 ext. 107    Email

Receptionist (P/T): Sr. M. Adell Lininger

Sr. M. Adell Lininger       352-376-5405 ext. 104   Email

Pastoral Associate & Director of Liturgy and Adult Faith Formation: Letty Valentin

Letty Valentin      352-376-5405 ext. 118   Email

Director of Music Ministry in Liturgy: Cristina Logan

Cristina Logan      352-376-5405 ext. 101   Email

Coordinator of Religious Education for Children & Families and Youth & Young Adult Minister: TiAnna McCabe

TiAnna R. McCabe     352-376-5405 ext. 108   Email

Secretarial & Communications Assistant: Millie Roig

Millie Roig     352-376-5405 ext. 122   Email

Finance Assistant (P/T): Debbie Beckham

Debbie Beckham     352-376-5405 ext. 119   Email

R.C.I.A. Coordinator and Coordinator for the Poor and Elderly (P/T): Mark Beachy

Mark Beachy      352-376-5405 ext. 104   Email

Maintenance Coordinator: Scott Marsh

Scott Marsh      352-376-5405 ext. 103   Email

Retired Pastor: Fr. Emmanuel Pazhayapurackal, C.M.I.

Fr. Emmanuel Pazhayapurackal, C.M.I.

         Email   Former Pastor: 2020-2022; Associate Pastor: 15.5 years 

Former Parochial Vicar: Fr. Anthony Bonela

Fr. Anthony Bonela, MSFS    Former Parochial Vicar: 2020-2022   

Former Pastor of Holy Faith: Fr. John M. Phillips, R.I.P.

Fr. John M. Phillips, R.I.P. (November 25 1955-Oct 20 2019)    Pastor: 2002- 2019