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Keep Movin! ….. This is a Catholics on the Move Online Opportunity! 

We have formed a few new groups but there’s room for more to join. Don’t let this opportunity for online adult faith formation through participation in an online Small Christian Community pass you by. 

There are three methods for you to participate in these Small Christian Communities.  The first will be an online group study that will use video chat platforms, such as Zoom and FaceTime, to discuss the video series that will be viewed individually by participants.  The second will be an online study group that will use email to discuss video the video series that will be viewed individually by participants.  The third is an individual study that does not include group discussion.

There are four topics from the St. Paul Center that we are offering:

  • The Bible and the Sacraments
    • A discussion on each one of the seven sacraments of the Church. Eleven video presentations, approximately 30 minutes each.
  • The Bible and the Virgin Mary
    • A discussion on the role of Mary throughout Scripture. Twelve video presentations, approximately 30 minutes each.
  • Genesis to Jesus
    • An overall exploration of the themes in the Bible from the Old Testament to the New Testament. Twelve video presentations, approximately 30 minutes each.
  • The Eucharist in Scripture
    • A discussion of basic elements from the Scripture that help the viewer better understand the biblical perspective of the Eucharist. Six video presentations, approximately 35 minutes each.

These four series have already been purchased by the parish and are available to all parishioners free of charge.

Sign up on form below to let us know of your choices.

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Please take advantage of this opportunity, as we continue to grow our faith and liturgical spirit during this time of isolation and crisis.

The opportunity below is still available as well:

April 2020: Catholics on the Move is delighted to present to you our online Catholic series.  This one is related to Lent, Holy Week, and the Easter Season.  We still have 50 days of Easter after Easter Sunday to unpack the richness of the meaning of Easter in our lives for the rest of the year.

“Lent, Holy Week and Easter” is presented by Fr. John Baldovin, S.J., S.T.L., Ph.D., Professor, Boston College School of Theology, who is one of the world’s lead liturgical scholars.  It is a 12-video lecture series on the seasons of Lent and Easter, and the history, development, and practice of these Holy Seasons.  Special attention is paid to the Sacred Triduum and the fifty-day season of Easter, including Ascension and Pentecost, which we are living in right now.

This series’ license has been purchased by Holy Faith, and includes an electronic study guide that we are offering free of charge to all parishioners.  You may start immediately by clicking HERE and using the following (case-sensitive) password: 2whQGs.

You are welcome to participate in this series on your own individually,  but if you are interested in joining a Small Christian Community to discuss and share about this program, please let us know by completing the form below, so we can connect you with others who are interested in sharing, as well.

Please send any feedback or questions that you may have regarding this series to Letty Valentin at EMAIL.