Reflection 326: Waiting on the Lord


One common struggle many people have is that of impatience.  We tend to want what we want when we want it.  In our fast-paced society we are used to instant everything.  A full meal can be reheated within minutes, text messages can be sent worldwide in seconds, news travels the moment it happens, and for many people almost anything they could ever want or need is generally only a short drive from their homes at the nearest superstore.  All of this fosters a tendency to want what we want when we want it.  But the Lord does not work this way.  He has His own timing which is always in accord with His perfect wisdom.  Very often we can experience a temptation to do what we think is in the best interest of the truth and to do it now.  But sometimes God chooses to wait before He acts.  When He acts, His ways become clear and convincing and His wisdom is unmistakable (See Diary #1587).

Reflect upon your desire to do great things for God or to speak the truth in one situation or another.  Is your impulse from the Lord or is it your own impatience prompting you?  This is an important question to reflect upon because God’s Truth can only come forth at His command, in His time.  If we try to push the Hand of God we will be doing so on our own.  Yes, God will use even our misguided or impatient works for His glory, but our plans done in our way will never accomplish the glorious works of God as He can only accomplish them.  Reflect upon your patience with the Will of God and make an act of surrender this day.  Your trust and surrender will open the doors of Mercy in accord with the perfect Will of God.

Lord, I surrender to You and Your perfect Will.  Give me patience so that I may set aside my own ideas and plans, submitting only to You.  May I learn to wait on You, dear Lord, and act only as You command.  I love You, my God.  Jesus, I trust in You.

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