Turning to God in Times of Fear

In times of darkness, in times of fear, God calls out to us. Amid the chaos, particularly during this devastating pandemic in our lives and in the whole world, we, as people of faith, call out to God. A God we know in our hearts and minds. Now is the time to call out to Him even more fervently.

What do we say? How do we talk to God?  WE PRAY!

Prayer is our lifeline to the Mercy of our God. Although it may be extra hard to pray at a time when the world is living in panic, these are the times to LISTEN to His voice, acknowledge your doubts, your fears, your weaknesses, your vulnerabilities and TRUST in your GOD.

At Holy Faith Catholic Church, we come together as a community to know, love and serve God in union with Christ Jesus and his Spirit-filled Catholic Church (our mission) and we build together a community of compassion in Christ. (our vision).

As of March 17 2020, we are unable to come together at Mass (temporarily), as mandated by Bishop Felipe Estévez, Bishop of our Diocese of St. Augustine for all churches in our Diocese, until further notice due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Our church buildings may be closed for Mass but most are open for private prayer daily at limited times. Holy Faith Church is open daily from 10am to 7pm. Please use discretion when you come to pray.

We are faithful to the directives given to us by our Pope, our Bishop, and all of the USCCB as well as the government, state and city regulations and guidelines. We also are obligated and follow the CDC guidelines for protection of all at this time and watch closely as instructions are given.

We pray for all in our churches, our city, our state, for all of the United States and for countries all over the world as we do our best to stay safe and protected. We pray for all who have caught the virus, for safety and healing, and for all the sick. We pray for all who have died, for God’s mercy and grace, for our government leaders, for our priests, first responders, doctors, nurses, all in the healthcare industry, the elderly, parents, children, for the workplaces, businesses and employees. We pray for all facing the uncertainty of what the future will be like. We pray for all who are afraid and we pray that everyone seeks the God of Love, Jesus Christ, our Savior and Lord, and amidst the chaos we pray to the Holy Spirit of God to guide us. We pray to Mary, our Blessed Mother, for her intercession for our protection and the grace we need to endure during this time of suffering.

We are currently in the Lenten Season of the Liturgical Year 2020 and during Lent we are called to pray, to fast and to give in mercy, but we are also just called. Called to respond to the Hope God calls out to us in times of fear and distress, to His light that He offers us in the darkness, and to His great Love, no matter the situation. Our God seeks a relationship with us. Take Him up on it!

Here are some prayers to help you pray during this pandemic, or anytime.

Prayer to St. Rocco

O Great St. Rocco, deliver us, we beseech thee, from the scourges of God; through thy intercession, preserve our bodies from contagious diseases, and our souls from the contagion of sin. Obtain for us salubrious air; but, above all, purity of heart. Assist us to make good use of health, to bear suffering with patience; and, after thy example, to live in the practice of penance and charity, that we may one day enjoy the happiness which thou has merited by thy virtues.

St. Rocco, pray for us (say three times).

Prayer to Our Lady of Guadalupe

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