Holy Faith will host the movie “WONDER” for our
Middle School Families. The topic is “bullying”.

SATURDAY, AUGUST 4, 2018 at 6:00pm in the Parish Life Center

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Take this opportunity to share a special time with your tween on this sensitive but relevant topic.

Owen Gleiberman’s review of the movie ‘Wonder’ states: “Wonder” is a movie that’s finely attuned to what bullying is actually about: kids walling off their feelings, giving into the dark side of themselves to be superior. Bullies, of course, weren’t born bad, but in “Wonder” the idea is no pious abstraction — it plays out in every encounter between Auggie and those who would treat him meanly. The scenes are really about how his presence is a threat to their too-cool-for-schoolness.”

Take a sneak peek: