Holy Faith will host the movie “WONDER” for our
Middle School Families. The topic is “bullying”.

SATURDAY, AUGUST 4, 2018 at 6:00pm in the Parish Life Center

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Take this opportunity to share a special time with your tween on this sensitive but relevant topic.

Owen Gleiberman’s review of the movie ‘Wonder’ states: “Wonder” is a movie that’s finely attuned to what bullying is actually about: kids walling off their feelings, giving into the dark side of themselves to be superior. Bullies, of course, weren’t born bad, but in “Wonder” the idea is no pious abstraction — it plays out in every encounter between Auggie and those who would treat him meanly. The scenes are really about how his presence is a threat to their too-cool-for-schoolness.”

Take a sneak peek: 



  • Tell us how many in your family will attend. We encourage parents to attend with any child in 5th grade (and especially Middle Schoolers) or above (if you would like). We will have babysitting for siblings.
  • Please provide first names of attending tweens and their ages.
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