26  JULY 2020: Seventeenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

by FR. Clyde, Parochial Vicar

“Then how does one acquire wisdom?”

Edward the VIII was the King of England in 1936. He wanted to marry Wallis Simpson whom he loved very dearly, very much. But according to the law and traditions of England, kings were not allowed to marry a commoner or an ordinary individual.

Besides, Wallis Simpson was a divorcee as well. This would entail that King Edward had to make a major decision: either he married the woman he loved and gave up the kingdom or give up the woman he loved and remain the king of England.

He chose what he considered to be the greatest treasure in his life. He chose to marry Wallis Simpson.

King Edward is remembered in history as the one who dared to give up the kingdom, just for the sake of the woman he loved.

My brothers and sisters, the attitude of King Edward is very remarkable. This type of attitude is what the Lord wants of us to do in our spiritual lives.

We are to consider the Kingdom of God as a pearl of great prize, the greatest treasure, the best treasure of all.

Saint Augustine, when he was converted to Christianity expressed his deepest longing to be one with God through this prayer, he said: “My heart is restless, ‘till it rests in you, My God!”

He considered God as the “Ultimate Fulfillment” of our heart’s desires. He considered the Kingdom of God as the only treasure that can fill in our inner longings and desires.

Sadly, a lot of people nowadays seemed to get lost in searching for the greatest treasure. They address their inner longings and desires to the treasures of the world, neglecting the desires of the soul but feeding more the urges of the physical body.

In effect, the treasures of the world somehow blind us from seeing what our souls need. And these “treasures of the world,” sadly become the god of so many others.

All the chaos, all the confusions around us are products of man’s too much attachment from the worldly allurements.

Therefore, we need to ask the Lord to give us the grace of wisdom.

According to one author, “Wisdom is the power to be able to stand back, look at the big picture of life, then make decisions based on what values ought to be higher in our lives.  It is the ability to put the kingdom of God in front of all other treasures.”

Then how does one acquire wisdom?  Ultimately, wisdom cannot really be learned or acquired.  It is a gift from God.  Solomon knew that was true, when he prayed to God for wisdom. 

God’s replay was: “Because you have asked for this, not for long life, nor riches, nor the life of your enemies, I give you a heart so wise and understanding that there has never been anyone like you up to now, and after you there will come no one to equal you.”  

May God give us the wisdom so that we would always long to be one with Him in the Kingdom.