Rev. Mazen Mike Elias, Parochial Vicar

Fr. Mike Elias was appointed Parochial Vicar at Holy Faith Parish by Bishop Felipe Estévez, effective June 1 2021. Our community is thankful and blessed to have Fr. Mike with us and we welcome him with open arms.

  • Born in Ramallah, Palestine on the West Bank of Jordan on November 15
  • Parents: Mike and Badia Elias
  • Raised in Jacksonville, Florida with five siblings
  • Entered Pope St John XXIII National Seminary in Weston MA on August 15 2016
  • Ordained a Transitional Deacon on August 15, 2020
  • Ordained to the Priesthood on May 15, 2021, Diocese of St. Augustine
  • Assigned to Holy Faith Catholic Church, Parochial Vicar as of June 1, 2021
  • Education: BA. Finance Degree from JU
  • MDiv, Master in Divinity from Pope St John XXIII National Seminary in Weston MA.

(personal comments taken from the Pope St. John XXIII National Seminary website:)

I thank God for my parents who instilled in me their authentic Christian values and their charitable efforts toward their neighbors. “Beginning at age 12, I learned the meaning of work in my father’s grocery store. And in my adult life, ethics and moral principles continued to form me while working in the family business. These values were especially dear to me during my 20 years of corporate life in the chemical and financial services industries. In the last several years, as my mother’s full time caregiver, I gained several new dimensions in my life; one being the fruit of the spiritual life. The call to the priesthood came in January 2014. After several months of both reflecting on my past and in examining my life experiences, I can see now how His hand had directed my past as well as how He prepared me for this new task. With a contrite heart, around Easter of 2015, I applied to the Vocation Office of the Diocese of St. Augustine, and a year later I was accepted by the Vocation Board as a seminarian. May God’s grace continue to sustain all seminarians to walk in His holy footsteps.”

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