Reflection 89: The Power of a Generous Love


There are so many souls who are in need of our prayers and are in need of the Mercy of God.  These are those souls who are stuck firm in their sin.  We may pray for them but it seems to have little effect.  What more can we do?  Sometimes, the greatest intercession we can make is a heart filled with the most generous love.  We must strive diligently to have the most pure and relentless love for these souls.  God will see this love and will turn His gaze of love upon them as a result of the love He sees in our hearts (See Diary #383).

Who is that person in such need of the Mercy of God?  Is there a family member, a coworker, a neighbor or friend who appears to remain obstinate toward God and His Mercy?  Commit yourself to the most generous love you can offer that person and give it to God as your intercession.  Allow God to gaze upon this person through your love.

Lord, so often I fail to love as You desire me to love.  I am selfish and judgmental toward others.  Soften my heart and then place in my heart the most generous love I have ever felt.  Help me to turn that love to those in most need of Your Divine Mercy.  Jesus, I trust in You.

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