Reflection 187: A Rainbow after the Storm


It’s fascinating how Creation itself proclaims the glory of God and teaches us about matters of faith.  Take a rainbow.  It is bright and beautiful, colorful and awe-inspiring.  Everyone rejoices on seeing a rainbow.  But there would be no such thing as a rainbow without rain, or storms.  Such is life.  We will have good days followed by bad and bad days followed by good.  We should not be surprised by one or the other.  On a good day filled with joy we should thank God and be aware that the “rainbow” is a gift.  We should savor it so that we will remember it on the bad days.  When a bad day comes we should thank God.  We should thank Him for the knowledge that this too shall pass if we wait patiently upon Him.  Life is full of ups and downs but the Mercy of God is eternal and it will bring us through all things, enabling us to rejoice after the storm has passed (See Diary #992).

Reflect, today, upon the difference between a rainbow and a storm.  Imagine a rainbow full of radiant color stretching across the sky from one end to the other.  It is beautiful and inspiring, the cause for a smile and delight.  Now compare that to the storm that preceded it.  In the midst of the storm, the coming rainbow would not have been thought about.  Instead, the primary focus is to seek shelter.  Reflect upon how this may be similar to your personal life.  When you feel pain or are bombarded with challenges do you run and hide?  You should also remind yourself that every struggle is the precursor to a rainbow.  Keep the blessings of God’s Mercy alive in your mind so that they will daily carry you through the challenges of life.

Lord, keep my eyes on You at all times.  May I retain hope and joy in the midst of every storm of life.  Please remind me when I feel oppressed and bombarded that this too shall pass and that You will bring my struggles and my life to a full and joyous conclusion.  Jesus, I trust in You.

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