Reflection 161: The Singular Love Given to You


When pondering the love and the Mercy of God, it is tempting to see His love in a more general way, as if it were something evenly distributed to all people in the same way.  But God’s love for you is something so much more than a general gift to all people.  It is deeply personal and singular, being offered specifically for you, out of love for you.  God does not see you as one of many; rather, He sees you as a singular focus of His love.  Each and every person is loved by God in this singular and unique way.  Thus, you are loved as His one precious child for whom He has offered His life.  Know that God loves you as you.  He knows every detail of your life and pours His grace upon you (See Diary #824).

How aware are you of the unique and singular love God has for you?  His love is personal in that you are an object of His burning Heart of Mercy.  God is fully capable of loving each and every person in this way, seeing each one as His precious child and loving each person in their uniqueness and even in their sins.  Let yourself, today, experience this personal and abundant love of God in your life.  It will sustain you in all things and help you to always know that you are loved above all.

Lord, I love You and adore You and thank You for loving me with a perfect love.  Help me to receive Your unique gift of love offered to me as Your precious child.  May I return this love for You by acknowledging You as my one and only Lord and God.  Jesus, I trust in You.

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Featured image above: Liberation of St. Peter by Bartolomé Esteban Murillo via Wikimedia Commons